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Why Us?

On Gravity we are focused to create web solutions for your company, to solved problems of design, communication and internet strategy.

We make the complex, simple.

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We are experts on


Graphics design

SEO and analytics

Social Media

Web development


Production and animations

Digital marketing

¿How we work with you?

  • Trabajo 1


    In this phase we will make sure to gather all the needed information and the analysis of the strategy in order to be successful.

    • Analysis

    • Strategy

    • Planning

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    We make a delivery time report and start with programming and the visual designs in order to develop functional products and interactive with latest technology.

    • Desktop publishing

    • Programming

    • Release date

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    Before the definitive release date, we must to make all the needed testing and respective changes.

    • QA

    • Corrections

    • Optimization

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